Avoid Extreme Vehicle Damage by Installing Bull Bars and Nudge Bars

27 May 2020

Vehicles normally have safety features and accessories that are already equipped and installed by the manufacturer. However, there are instances where these installed features are not enough in preventing and mitigating serious damages and injuries out of vehicle collisions.

Fortunately, businesses that offer customisation options for vehicle owners have attachments and accessories necessary for avoiding extreme vehicle damage. If you are a vehicle owner, then you may want to install bull bars and nudge bars on your vehicle. These two accessories can give protection from impact and accidents that usually result in damaging the vehicle or sustaining injuries.

Maximise Protection with Bull Bars

Bull bars are safety accessories that can give vehicle passengers maximum protection from any type of impactful front-end collisions. These bars are usually made from steel, aluminium, or plastic. They thoroughly absorb the impact obtained from a vehicular collision so that any vehicle occupants will be safe from the effects it. Some impact studies even suggest that bull bars can work more effectively with modern airbag systems. So, if you are regularly driving in areas where a lot of livestock are around, then you may want to install a bull bar for added safety and protection.

Aside from enhanced safety and protection, the installation of bull bars also provides you a great accessory for the mounting of other kinds of attachments like winches, spotlights, and radio antennas. These bars can even offer you added aesthetic appeal as they come in various forms, finishes, and materials. Keep in mind that bull bars tend to be expensive. However, obtaining the highest level of protection possible for your vehicle is still worthy of spending a certain amount of money rather than having no protection at all.

Nudge Bars against Minor Accidents

While bull bars offer maximum protection against any types of road accidents, nudge bars can readily provide you protection against minor front-end collisions, scratches, and bumps. Nudge bars are utilised in places where vehicles are not required to constantly run at high speeds. Vehicles that can maximise nudge bars are sedans and small SUVs.

Just like bull bars, nudge bars are still also from durable materials. Some nudge bars are made of lightweight aluminium tubing, while others are made from polycarbonate. Whatever the material is, nudge bars will readily block the impact of any minor vehicle collisions without hesitation.

Nudge bars can readily offer protection for your radiator grille and the surrounding areas of your vehicle. They can also protect your vehicle from any low-impact situations and collisions. And since they are located around your car, they can also be used for mounting vehicle accessories such as driving lights and antennas.

Choosing between these two accessories will solely depend on your regular driving situation. However, if you still have difficulties in choosing between these bars, then feel free to consult with us at Jamieson Auto Fit.

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