Auto fit needs for Senior Citizens? Jamieson Auto Fit will do it for you

12 May 2015

Driving can prove to be a serious challenge for some senior citizens, especially for elderly individuals who suffer from some type of disability. Studies have shown that driving does pose a greater risk to elderly individuals that have reduced vision or limit muscle movement. No one can deny, for people who may have been driving practically all their lives, and for who the only means of going out is with their vehicle, not being able to drive is devastating.

Unfortunately, many senior citizens have had no choice but to give up their car keys for good, because of various physical limitations. Doing this can not only be difficult to do, but devastating. A few years ago, elderly individuals who still insisted on driving by themselves, or with as little assistance as possible, may have been thought of as posing a hazard to other drivers and pedestrians. Thankfully, there is an alternative to giving up the car keys, while at the same time maintaining a level of safety for both senior citizens and the general public.

Customised Car Seating for Elderly Drivers

More often than not, it is the inherent design of motorised vehicles which proves to be problematic for elderly drivers, and not any lack of skill or loss of ability per-se. Some, if not a great number of vehicles designed today are often geared towards a younger demographic, with only very little attention given to the specialised needs of elderly drivers. One of the best solutions that make driving easier and safer for senior citizens is the integration of customised car seating.

Unlike your typical car seating spread, customised car seats take into consideration any possible ailment or disability which is common in elderly individuals, and then incorporates innovative ways to make car operations easier, and far more comfortable.

Specialised back support and extra seat padding

Some seats may be specifically designed for added lumbar support, while some others may be made of specialised material which adds more cushioning for sitting. Adjustable seats can be installed into a vehicle which allow for ease-of-access too difficult to reach areas like the breaks and accelerator pedal. Other car seats can offer the additional feature of a ‘height boost’, thanks to spring-loaded or custom pneumatic-lift chairs.

Driving is one of the few modern privileges that allow senior citizens to express some degree of personal freedom and independence. It is no wonder why elderly folks aren’t keen on giving up driving so easily. But why give up, when driving can be made easier, more comfortable and safer with customised car seats? If driving is becoming difficult, because of physical limitations, then an auto fit may be just the thing you need to make driving easier and more comfortable.

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