Aluminium Van Roof Racks for Travel Trailers

07 November 2018

For those who always find themselves on the road, travel trailers are an ideal home away from home. However, as roomy as some travel trailers can be, it seems the longer you are on the road, the less space you seem to have because of all the things you need to bring with you, or, for the things you acquire along the way.

The best solution to the ongoing problem of lack of space on travel trailers is to install aluminium roof racks. Although there are many roof rack kits on the market, it is not advised to attempt to install them yourself, as there are many things one should be aware about before trying to attach extra storage space onto a travel trailer.

Important considerations before installing aluminium roof racks onto a travel trailer:

Type of travel trailer roof – having a solid travel trailer roof is important if you have plans to install roof racks, and knowing what type of roof you have is important because it will determine how your roof racks will be mounted, and how much weight you will be able to carry. Basic types of roofing on travel trailers include rubber roofs (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or Thermal Poly Olefin), fiberglass roofs, and aluminium roofs.

Weight restrictions – roof racks are specially designed to have a maximum carry capacity, knowing what that capacity is and what the weight limit of your travel trailer roof type is, is very important to prevent damaging the roof, roof racks, and anything you are carrying. Professional auto fit installers can make sure that your travel trailer’s roof loading rating and roof rack’s weight capacity do not exceed safety limits.

Custom designed and professionally installed – there are many types of roof racks available, but it is advised to have your travel trailer’s roof rack custom designed and professionally installed to meet your specific needs. At Jamieson Auto Fit, you can have quality aluminium van roof racks custom designed and installed onto the roof of your travel trailer.

Aluminium van roof racks for travel trailers are the perfect extra storage solution for long road trips because they open up a world of opportunities for storing extra cargo and gear that will best serve you during your travels. With the ability to carry heavier loads, you can always take what you need on your next trip, such as extra luggage, bikes, surfboards, kayaks, canoes, or skis.

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