Additional Van Budget Seats: Van Conversion to Maximise Seating Capacity

26 June 2018

Are you considering adding additional van budget seats to maximise seating capacity in your van? If you are, then go to Jamieson Auto Fit – vehicle modification specialists in Victoria.

While van seats are designed mainly to serve as seating for the driver and passengers, there is typically not enough stock seats available to accommodate more than six persons. Unlike cars and sedans, vans have ample interior room available to accommodate additional passenger seating.

By adding extra van budget seats, to maximise seating capacity in your van, it is possible to more than double the current amount of seats you have now.

Important things to Consider When Installing Additional Budget Seat in Vans

There are many types of vehicle modifications, and depending on the type of modification, there are strict guidelines to follow that are set down by government agencies. Such guidelines not only ensure the structural integrity of vehicles being modified, but also determine if the classification of the vehicle needs to be changed as well.

For example, van conversions that create interior space, so that additional budget seats can be added to maximise seating capacity, or that alter the seating configuration often cause the classification of the vehicle to change. Auto fit out specialists comply with government’s strict safety guidelines to ensure that modified vehicles have an acceptable level of protection for occupants, and that vehicles are safe to operate on public roads.

These are important things to consider for anyone that wishes to install additional van budget seats for the purpose of maximising seating capacity.

Van Conversions, Vehicle Classifications, and Complying with Australian Design Rules

The first step in the process of adding additional seating in vans, to maximise seating capacity, is to determine whether the vehicle is meant for either private of commercial use. Van conversions that are meant for commercial use need to meet the latest criteria guidelines established by Australian Design Rules (ADRs).

At Jamieson Auto Fit, we specialise in altering both commercial and private vehicles so that they meet and exceed all of the latest ADRs requirements. We are able to add additional van budget seats to personal use vehicles, to maximise seating capacity, and can change the vehicle’s classification to a category MA, MB and MC commercial vehicle. This allows the vehicle to be used as a taxi service to shuttle people.

To speak to a vehicle modification specialist about a van conversion, to maximise the seating capacity of your van, please contact Jamieson Auto Fit today.

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