5 Reasons Why Pet Owners Must Have Customised Barriers for Vans

20 November 2018

Pets come in all sizes, and if you are like most pet owners then your furry friend is considered a cherished member of your family. And just like your family, they enjoy doing things and going places together, with you.

If you like to take your pet on the road with you, instead of placing them in the back of your van for the trip, you should have customised barriers for vans to put them in. Pets deserve the utmost care when travelling in motorised vehicles, and they should be secured for their own safety and that of others.

There are a few good reasons why pet owners should have customised barriers installed in their van, below is a list of 5 of them:

Protects your van’s interior – when animals are not secured inside a vehicle while it is in motion, they can paw at and scratch interior walls, upholstery and flooring of vans and cause damage. Custom cargo barriers prevent damage to the interior of vans caused by animals moving freely around the cabin.

Separates pets from cargo – cargo barriers are ideal for carry various cargo types, and will make sure that your pet doesn’t break anything while the vehicle is in motion. Animals can get very excited or scared when travelling in a van, and cargo barriers make sure that they can’t move around freely and break anything.

Pet safety – not only do cargo barriers segregate the items you are carrying from pets, but they also make sure that your furry friends are safe and secure during road trips by protecting them from cargo that may shift while the vehicle is in motion and injure them.

Passenger comfort – when travelling with passenger and pets, cargo barriers make road trips much easier, as pets are secured and unable to roam freely in the cabin, so your passengers will be more comfortable.

Reduces distractions and improves driver safety – animals do get excited and scarred when travelling in motorised vehicles, if unhindered, they may move around the cabin erratically while the van is in motion. This can cause a serious distraction to the driver, which could result is an accident. For this reason alone – safety – pet owners must have customised barriers for vans.

For pet owners who enjoy travelling with their furry companions, such as taking trips to the park, beach, or visiting the homes of family and friends, installing custom cargo barriers just makes good safety sense.

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